Design’s Best Friend – Font

What is it about book covers that draws us in closer to open up to the first page – and even causes us to buy? As I walked around the book store I noticed fiction book’s had the most creative and engaging covers. I began to look around to see which books grabbed my attention most, then askingContinue reading “Design’s Best Friend – Font”

The Editor Counselor

When I meet new people usually I am the first editor they ever met. I often have to clarify I am a video editor and not an editor for writers. I find it fascinating that years later they have become video editors too. Because I am the first they ever met working in the profession,Continue reading “The Editor Counselor”

A Video Critique

The best part of having a blog is meeting people. I love getting email from dreamers, editors, visionaries and artist. Mandy emailed me with a few questions about editing. The cool thing is that she took my advice and reworked her video. Her second version looked like a whole different event. After watching her firstContinue reading “A Video Critique”

Video Editing with FCPX & God

My twitter friend from Australia shared a video with me about the new updated editing software FCPX. As I watched the demo and listened to this editor explain the new software, I became excited at the new program and was no longer concern with what everyone else was saying about it. I was now formingContinue reading “Video Editing with FCPX & God”

Photography is Video’s Friend

The reason why I got in to photography was to help with my video work. Before photography came in to my life, my video shots were random, shaky, and slopping.  My color grading was horrible. I didn’t know what to look for when adjusting colors in after effects. Here is a screen capture of oneContinue reading “Photography is Video’s Friend”

For Your Very Own Pleasure

There are so many opportunities than any ever before to be creative and make a living out of it. This is the generation that can finally work in the creative field and feed their family too. Its an exciting time but also it can be a dangerous thing for the heart of a creative person.Continue reading “For Your Very Own Pleasure”

Basic Editing : Equipment & DSL Cameras VS DV Tapes Video

<<back to tutorial Archives I’ve been having a lot of friends ask me to teach them how to edit. Editing is diffidently a learning process and it involves  many elements . In this video I give a crash course to a few guys from church. This short video is about some basic video editing equipmentContinue reading “Basic Editing : Equipment & DSL Cameras VS DV Tapes Video”

Film Management

<<back to tutorial Archives Every week the team and I create videos for the weekend. We also create special event videos for conferences.  With that, comes lots of files to manage. I’ve often gotten the question, “How do you file manage?” Well here are some tips that work best for me. First NEVER leave anythingContinue reading “Film Management”

How to Reconnect Media in Final Cut

<<back to tutorial Archives An editors worst fear is to watch their video with an audience and see a MEDIA OFF LINE clip. I’ve seen it happen to the best of us. There was once a time I didn’t know how to reconnect my media with grace, I used to panic at the sight ofContinue reading “How to Reconnect Media in Final Cut”

FCP TIP: Changing 4×3 to 16×9 //Anamorphic// Custom Column Layout

<<back to tutorial Archives How to change 4×3 footage to 16×9 (Anamorphic)? How do I create my own column layout? If you haven’t captured your footage yet, scroll down to the bottom to find out how to prevent this issue. So this is the most asked question I get. I actually remember when I didn’tContinue reading “FCP TIP: Changing 4×3 to 16×9 //Anamorphic// Custom Column Layout”