Premiere: Time to make the switch

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As a video editor, Final Cut Pro played an important role in my life. It connected me to my purpose and made so many of my ideas into a reality. I was intimidated by the software at first but when I clicked to open it, there was something magical about it. I was about to make something.

In 2003, when I would meet someone new and told them I was an editor, they thought I meant for authors. I had to explain, I was an editor for stories that are visual a video editor. Me and Final Cut, we’ve been through a lot; trails, victories, failures, and shared many enlightening moments. Since I was 23, I have opened up the little back and white icon with great anticipation.

You can see why it was hard for me to move on to a new editing software. But I was starting to have hard times with Final Cut. It was closing on me, not exporting correctly, it was making me fall behind. It was when I saw one of my editors on the team working in Final Cut, I knew it was up to me as the video director, to lead us in to a new era and learn Premiere even though I was animus towards it.

The following Monday, I put on my headphones and got ready to absorb Premiere. After day three, I was excited for the future. The program knew how to handle my footage, export options where limitless, and the ability to change short keys got me excited. Now I could adjust the program to match how my fingers edit. Premiere was no longer scary.

Day four, I exported my first video, tested it on our switcher and announced to the team we officially are switching over. We accelerate our post production by no longer having to use After Effects for basic work.

I am proud of my team, we have all switch over in less than a month. We are ready for the new adventures, trails, success and everything that comes with editing. It was time to make the switch. Hard to believe a little bit of fear refrain me for so long. It’s hard to let go of the familiar, but have to in order to develop. RIP FCP.

No One Sees the World Quite Like You

It’s not about how great something looks but about the life breathed in to it.

When I was new at editing videos my only concern was to make it look cool, but when I viewed it, I knew something was missing. I was trying to make all my videos look like everyone elses. I later learned what made my work different was my perspective. You may see the sunset, but I see you watching it.

Since joining Instagram, I realized this more. I want people who follow me to have an experience of seeing the world through my eyes. At first I had no idea how to use this platform. Those I asked for advise told me I was over thinking it. I saw so many people using it for different things, famous people seem to use it to remind their fans they are alive and still good-looking. But for my little world of 100 people who follow me, I decided I wanted them to see the beauty in the small details of life. To remember its small moments that make the big moments.

When creating something new, I ask myself these questions…

-How do I want people to feel when they view my work?
-What do I want them to think about?

There should be a message behind every creative thing you do. Even annoying advertisements know their point.

So no matter if you’re creating a video, taking a photo or writing, keep in mind how powerful your view of the world is. Because no one see things quite like you.


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