VIDS: Capturing Memories

I’ve had my 7D canon camera for about six months now.I bought it having in mind creating some short films, do some photo shoots and use it for work. Well, I haven’t created any short films lately but I have rediscovered the root of my love for video and photography. I always thought graphic design was the root of my discovery to become a video editor but it goes back to when I was a teenager playing with my dads camera. I loved capturing the day on video and then calling everyone over to watch it. I would have “première” parties and display my latest work.

Now with my new camera, I have returned to my first love. I’ve record more of my life, edit some clips and now share them now on youtube or vimeo. I absolutely enjoy this. Though I may never get paid to capture my life moments, no payment is needed.

Here is my latest video from this weekend. Hanging out with Mark, that boy cracks me up. I laugh at the end every time.

I made this one last month to share with my young adults group at church. I loved sharing this one cause so many people were involved.

I am currently working on a few others. The list is getting long.