Audio: Power of Photography

When I first started to do these creative photoshoots, I would ask young girls who I had seen at church or some of my friend’s daughters to be my models so I could practice portrait photography, children photography, and fashion. I heard back from the parents of these young girls and the impact the photosContinue reading “Audio: Power of Photography”

Movie Review: Soul Surfer

Today I went with my family to go see Soul Surfer at the theaters. I love how honest they kept the story. Though some of the acting was B rated, I thought the main actress was amazing. She had a smile that brighten up the room. It was interesting how the movie wasnt about theContinue reading “Movie Review: Soul Surfer”

A New Style with Julia & Erica

The past few days I’ve been watching CreativeLive with professional photographer, Bambi. This woman is amazing at posing people and lighting her subjects. I was so excited with all advice she had given during the three day on-line course that I set up two photo shoots. You can buy Bambi’s course online at IContinue reading “A New Style with Julia & Erica”