Women Conference Trailer

One of the most challenging projects I would do every year are the Women’s Conference trailer, these videos were an important part of the creative direction the conference would take on. I would set the tone and pace, build up excitement and inspire. Here are a few I did in the past.

Short Film Project

I always wanted to write and direct my own film and found a fun contest to be apart of. I submitted the project on line and it was a great learning experience making the project happen and share the story inside my heart.

Lyric Videos

One of my favorite things to do is to create nothing out of something. Usually that means I am spending a few days in After Effects, animating shapes and figuring out how to do what I see in my head. I created this Lyric Video for a Christmas service.

Conference Opener

Through out the years I was asked to create a video that would open up a women’s conference to communicated the theme for the year. Often time I was asked to cover specific details and make them into an entertaining piece. This video was accompany with a live dance.